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The Pearl Islands of the Pacific Coast of the Republic of Panama have been a well kept secret for many years and only the “Rich and Famous” were able to taste the Adventures in Paradise, which we call The Pearl Islands. There are many Islands of the Pearl Islands which anyone can enjoy and explore. The inhabitants of the Pearl Islands enjoy a tropical climate. The sun, sand, and sea are yours to explore and to enjoy the whole year! The views are breathtaking, the sea is pure and abundant with life, the beaches are pristine, the rainforests are lush and green, the accommodations are luxurious, and the people are warm and friendly. In all ways, the Pearl Islands are a treasure to behold, dream, feel and enjoy for the young and young at heart and to feel the emotions and lust full of lasting memories is easy with the *Special Charters of Panama Sailing School with our magnificent yachts.

The rainforests of the Pearl Islands are hosts to a huge wildlife population. Wild pigs, deer, iguanas, agoutis, parrots, and giant pigeons and over 100 bird species are found, an ideal place to recapture the awe of looking at Mother Nature’s creatures in the wild. With spectacular waterfalls and natural caves, the Pearl Islands are a great place to be for water lovers, sailors, yachters and spelunkers. Indeed, the Pearl Islands are a nature lover’s dream.
For recreational fishermen, the Pearl Islands have the best deep sea fishing waters in the world. Panama Sailing School can arrange for you to rent a boat to take you prime fishing spots and you will surely enjoy the bounty of the sea. The turquoise waters of the Pearl Islands make for a water lover’s utopia. You can swim for hours in the bay as you dive off one of our sailing yachts and Nature will gladly envelop you in its warm embrace. For the adventurous, Panama Sailing School can arrange for our students snorkeling, scuba diving, river rafting and jet skiing. Or you can simply gaze at the magnificence of the seas from many of the most beautiful beaches, cliffs or highlands. Words cannot describe the majesty of the Pearls. The Pearls are some of the finest yachting areas on earth and the most beautiful blue waters for sailing with many reefs to moor on and explore the exotic beauty of Panama.

To help you enjoy the natural beauty of the Pearl Islands, there are resorts, hotels, bed _ breakfasts, cabins at various locations in the Pearl Islands. There are flights going from and to the islands from Panama City, as well as private boats and yachts. Once at the islands, there are rental golf carts and vehicles with basic amenities such as grocery stores and medical clinics. Our sailing courses can be structured for you to enjoy many sights in Panama and not just sailing, but also exploring the islands, reefs, snorkeling, diving, native villages.

Isla Contadora referred to as “The Jewel of the Las Perlas” at the northern end of the Pearl Islands, is the most renowned. It enjoys sunny weather even during the rainy season, an ideal island paradise for sun, surf, and sea lovers. It is soon to be a major resort island with private homes for many of Europe, most wealthy families are purchasing the unique concept of life in Las Perlas. It is a mere 6 hours and 15 minutes away from the Panama City by water and 15 minutes by airplane from Albrook Airport making it accessible and convenient for all and soon The Trump Ocean Club will be launching a high speed Catamaran to transport habitants of Isla Contadora. This is a real Paradise!

The main roads on the island are paved, with no vehicle traffic. Transportation is normally by golf carts, four wheelers, scooters and bicycles, which soon can be rented. It is a safe place for exploration on foot or in vehicle. The eleven beaches have white sand and protected coves, with the finest hotels, beach clubs and exquisite restaurants in the world. Isla Contadora is truly the island paradise to either vacation, live there, visit or sail with Panama Sailing School*.

The coves and waters are ideal for swimming and water sports like, and sport fishing. With the natural beauty and modern conveniences of the Isla Contadora, isn’t it about time that you take your sailing vacation there? Rest and relax, go on adventures, see Nature, enjoy the native people’s hospitality and go to the Pearl Islands. We have it all – sun, sea, sand with happiness thrown in. Come and be a part of our treasure. Isla Contadora is definitely the Crown and the Punta Galeon Resort _ Beach Hotel is a romantic hideway to relax and enjoy the true Panama Paradise.

The majority of the Islands have forests and inland lakes and the waters around the Islands are known for their calm, turquoise blue waters, endless sandy beaches, idyllic anchorages, laid-back island atmosphere, fabulous diving, adventurous exploring and the warm and friendly people of Panama. Isla Contadora also has high mountains overlooking the waters.

Isla Contadora is one of the Pearl Islands and soon will have hotels, bistros, several developments and lots of exotic excitement. Isla Contadora is an exotic and beautiful island with many beaches and sights to see and it is a private island with many of the Aristocratic Families from Panama, Royalty from the Balkans, Billionaires from Russia and now the most exciting concept of all; all wanting to build their dreams homes on this island.

The rich history of the Pearl Islands is alluring to say the least. The Pearl Islands have hosted such pirates and explorers as Sir Francis Drake, Henry Morgan and Balboa. At one point in history, the Archipelago of Las Perlas was famous for its Pearls. Its most famous gem is a 31-carat, 400-year-old Peregrine pearl, now owned by Elizabeth Taylor. Its previous owners included the Queen of Spain, a French Emperor and an English Queen.

In more recent times, the Pearl Islands have hosted personalities such as celebrities who sought refuge after being tired of the city hustle from their own country, John Wayne, who loved Panama so much that he bought an island by the name of Taborcillo, as his own private retreat, Julio Iglesias, Jimmy Buffet, Guy Harvey, Pierce Brosnan and most recently, the cast of CBS’s reality show, Survivor.
Soon, Blue Dolphin Yachting Club and Panama Sailing School will be opening up their facilities at Isla Contadora to meet the demands for yachting in the Republic of Panama. Come and visit us.



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