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Panama Sailing School is planning to open the second of our schools in the Republic of Panama; however, the one in Bocas Del Toro is an exciting Theme Resort based on ‘Robinson Crusoe’ and yes, you stay in a Tree House on the Beach.


Each day you'll participate in the Panama Sailing School Courses under the certified guidelines of the American Sailing Association and then you can explore over 70 Islands of the Bocas Archipelago in either Canoes, Wave Runners or even an Outrigger.. The Islands of Bocas del Toro are located in the Gulf of Almirante, near the border with Costa Rica.

Actually, it is better to access the islands by airplane to the main port from anywhere in Panama and finally taking a boat until reaching Bocas. There are many islands distributed in Bocas Del Toro, being the largest Isla Colon or Columbus Island. The climate is tropical, being warm and humid most of the year. The vegetation is extremely exotic and tropical also, and on the larger islands you can find large extensions of tropical rainforest, similar to the tropical rainforests found throughout Panama’s. Columbus landed on Bocas Del Toro in 1502.

bocas del toro is known for its clear and calm watersThe original inhabitants of Bocas were the Guaymies, Bokota and Teribe Tribes. The region was forgotten while the time passed until the colonial times and during the 18 and 19 century, it was mainly populated by Afro Caribbean immigrants from Jamaica, San Andres and Providencia, who founded Bocas Del Toro. Also the English Seamen who came to Bocas settled here (Boca Drago), while the region was still of no importance to the government of Panama.

Bocas del Toro hut in the middle of the seaBocas Del Toro has gone through different commercial development stages of which the first, the hunt of Carey Turtles, the trading of Cocoa, Mahogany and other goods. In the 19 century, the United Fruit Company started developing the region for its valuable produce which was shipped around the world. Nowadays, the Islands of Bocas Del Toro are of great natural and cultural interest. A beautiful blend of people are to be found, from Afro Caribbean inhabitants, to indigenous people from the Ngobe, Teribe, Guaymie and Teribe Tribes to white people from mainland Panama.

bocas del toro architecture has being kept the same for yearsBocas Del Toro is a beautiful cultural melting pot. The islands of Cristobal and Popa still have people living in their original lifestyle. Ngobe build their homes from Palm Tree Leaves (The roofs) and from a special wood called Jira. They are currently very poor. Most of them live from small impact fishing and women take care of the home duties. However, some women make beautiful crafts sometimes for sale in the islands. The Islands of Bocas Del Toro, in North West Panama, are some of the last secluded and tropical Caribbean Islands, which are still virgin and unspoiled by human development. Bocas Del Toro Islands are part of the province of Bocas Del Toro. Although the largest city in the province is Changuinola, also the main commercial and industrial center, it is the small town of Colon, on Bocas largest island Isla Colon, which is the capital of the region.

people are still living the same way for decadesBocas Del Toro combines nature, indigenous culture and great scuba diving, snorkeling and fantastic sailing in some of the world’s most pristine and calm waters. Panama Sailing School has conducted a thorough analysis of the sailing activities and found Bocas to be one of the finest and most diverse waters to sail anywhere in the world, and especially in Latin America.



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