The Next Best Thing to Owning a Boat

Actually, for many people it's even better than owning a boat! As a graduate of Panama Sailing School in Panama, you can become a member of Blue Dolphin Yachting Club, where you can enjoy all of the benefits of boat ownership with none of the hassles, cost and problems. You simply let us know when you want to sail and show up. We even find other Club members for you to sail with!

Unlimited Sailing

Sail whenever you like, as often as you like!
Feel the wind in your face!
Dance until the sun rises with a Margarita in your hand!
Make new friends!
That's what the Club is all about!

For a low cost monthly membership fee you'll enjoy unlimited sailing privileges aboard our many sailing boats and we offer, the most exciting day sailing boats that there are; A Sea Tribe Catamaran – choice of many clubs around the world and a host of individual owners. Leopard Catamarans - the Rolls Royce of yachts and all of them here in Panama with Panama Sailing School and Blue Dolphin Yachting Club. Also coming are Barracuda Dinghy Sailboats that are for 4 sailors each; are fast; exciting and fantastic to race.

You simply join for the year; pay each month and then call to reserve your space any time you'd like to sail.

You won't find an easier, more convenient or affordable way to sail anywhere. Or a safer, better kept, state-of-the-art fleet of boats to sail.

The Boats

The Club boats are the exciting Sea Tribe Catamaran, Beneteau, Leopard Catamaran, Hunters, Barracudas; however, more are coming. These hot new daysailers _ weekend adventures are fun, fast, safe (won't sink), easy to handle and roomy. The boat is sailed by a minimum of two and a maximum of eight (8) crewmembers.

How do I pay?

Blue Dolphin Yachting Club will arrange for you to receive an International MasterCard issued by Financiera Pronto Cash in Panama, in which you can make your monthly payments. No checks to write or send by mail and no worries about payment.


Sailing has now become easier and economical! Welcome to the Culture of Sailing and remember that "Sailing is Living" _ "Sailing is Sexy"!


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