Hi Dear Sahika,

Thanks Dear Marcos and Sahika for teaching me how too sail properly, I really wanted to have my navigation license and now my dream came true. I hope to see you again and sail around the pretty panamenian pacific islands, nice weather, beautiful sea full of the most gorgeous birds and dolphins!

Para mí ha sido muy grato poder obtener mi licencia de navegación, era un sueño que tenía y ahora se ha cumplido. Conocer a la gente de Panama Sailing school fue algo realmente bueno, el barco en el que navegamos 'Confort Zone' es un barco muy lindo, límpio y completo, el curso fue muy interesante, el material didáctico de ASA es muy bueno, se aprende mucho allí.

Gracias Marcos por llevarnos por estas lindas islas del Pacífico Panameño!
Gracias Sahika por tu clase, aprendí mucho.

Espero volver a navegar con Panama Sailing School muy pronto.

Lina Higuera,
Medellín, Colombia






We all had a fantastic time. It was more than we had hoped for. After being in Panama for numerous years, this was by far one of our most memorable activities. We had beautiful wind; the full sails had us soaring across the bay. The trip into the entrance of the canal gave us wonderful photo opportunities of the Bridge of the Americas, and a feeling of what Panama and the Canal are all about. The newly developing skyline of the city looks so pretty as the lights come on at dusk. And the setting sun was right on cue. We could not have asked for a better evening in Panama. Way to spend a day!

Dia C.

I would like to thank you all for the best birthday "party" I've ever experienced. All of my friends were so impressed with the sail, and what a neat, original, and classy idea it was for an 18th birthday party. The sail in itself was unbelievable. How amazing to be able to sail right next to the Bridge of the Americas, and in plain sight of the Panama Canal. We sipped champagne and watched the sunset, and I can honestly say that it was one of the most amazing events so far in my life. From the food to the service, to the wonderful staff and amazing views, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to experience such an amazing evening. Thank you so very much, and hopefully I'll be able to do another sail in the future!

Mary O.

With a week of vacation approaching and a desire to take my rudimentary sailing skills to a new level, I decided to attend Panama Sailing School. I considered other schools located in more conventional sailing locations like Florida, Southern California and the British Virgin Islands, but in the end opted for Panama because it seemed like a less common, more adventuresome destination. Phone conversations with Captain and Instructor Sahika Riley also played a part in my final decision to choose Panama Sailing School over other schools that offered similar Bareboat Charter Certification programs.

The course was outstanding! In less than a week I went from novice to skipper qualified, while having a great and relaxing time. My instructors, Sahika and Marcos were first rate. They patiently explained boat systems, sail trim, navigation, anchoring and more, while having me learn by doing. Less than an hour after I first laid eyes on "Comfort Zone", a 37 foot Island Packet, we were underway with me at the helm. This total immersion approach greatly accelerated my learning curve, and allowed me to gain competency quickly.

I fell in love with the boat, the people, and Panama! Am I a little biased? Absolutely. My next step will probably be to bareboat charter and eventually buy a boat. I recommend Panama Sailing School to anyone who shares this goal.

Debra L.
Texas, USA

Because I am from Colombia, South America, I felt a little worried to have an ASA American Instructor who holds a US Coast Guard Captains License. I was anticipating the class may be very strict, a low sense of humor, and the schedules might be very rigid and only talking about sailing rules. BUT, I found a beautiful, warm human being named Sahika. She is so involved with the students not only in the technical and safety issues of the courses but also in the cultural and personal matters. She gives you through these courses, the confidence to be able to face the freedom and responsibility to command a sailboat under the international requirements.

This knowledge is complimented with Captain Marcos who knows every single operative procedure of the sailboat. He takes you step by step in getting acquaintance with the parts of the boats, maintenance and obligatory repairs you must make once on the sea.

After this course, you arrive with a new philosophical approach of life, a new pace, a new possibility to slow down and open a complete Universe of mobility, enjoyment and respect.


Ricardo L.
Colombia, South America

I spent one summer as kid sailing on a 16ft Hobie Cat. Ever since then I have wanted to take up lessons and get into sailing. I come from a background in power boating. I have also worked as a wharfinger and dock crew at a marina. I have never learned how to successfully sail. I recently moved from Canada to Panama and thought now is the perfect time to learn how to sail.

The first day out on the water it seems like there is endless terms and information. Most of the course is hands on and by the second day it almost feels as if you have been sailing for three months and you're ready to take on the open waters. Both instructors did a phenomenal job making sure everyone had a clear understanding of the sailing terms and boat safety. Everything was done one step at time giving each student a chance to learn all tasks. Once out on the water my learning experience become more enjoyable. With nothing but the wind in my face and the sound of the hull splashing in the water, it was almost as if I was mediating on the ocean.

It was a completely different experience then anything I have ever felt power boating. With sailing I believe the journey to where you're going is more enjoyable then the destination. Sailors have tried to explain the feeling of being out on the water, nothing compares to my first hand experience. Like a new food I would encourage everyone to try it at least once.

Adam K.

I spent 1 month in Panama and did the Basic Keelboat and Basic Coastal Crusing courses. Marcos was my instructor and he did a phenomenal job teaching more than what was just required for the courses. I was also very impressed with how much we got to see of the area around Panama City, everything was on the boat and was very hands-on. I enjoyed it so much that a friend and I chartered the boat for an overnight trip to one of the nearby islands. I'd highly recommend Panama Sailing School to anyone interested in learning how to sail or interested in seeing Panama by sailboat.

John D.
San Diego, USA

I chartered a sail boat to a nearby island with Panama Sailing school after a friend recommended Sahika's company to me.  I was more than impressed with the boat and the company.  Everything from learning the basics of sailing to catching my first fish was amazing.  During the day we did some of the best snorkeling I have ever done and in the evening we ate fresh sushi as we watched the sunset.  I had such a great time that I have already planned my next charter.  Panama Sailing School really is the best choice for anyone looking for an adventure or a new experience.

Candice C.
Vancouver, Canada


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