Learn to Sail

If you've never sailed, have limited sailing experience or haven't sailed in a long time, or have always dreamed about learning how to sail; the basic sailing courses at Panama Sailing School give you the skills and confidence to take the helm.
The sailing instruction course content is one of the most unique in Latin America and of course the only coursed offered by Panama Sailing School (PSS) are certified and qualified courses from American Sailing Association and are the same at all locations in the Republic of Panama. American Sailing Association (ASA) is recognized around the world, as one of the finest and most precise Sailing Programs, which can elevate a student to the Sailing Culture.

Our courses are with patient, caring and more important qualified and certified instructors and students with remarkably similar interests to yours. PSS “Learn to Sail” adventures are co-ed and can also be created for you including hotel accommodation, sightseeing and much more in Panama.

Check out www.panama-guide.com which is the foremost and leading Panama Guide source of information for the Republic of Panama with excellent news articles, places to go and see and lots more. It is also in English and has many Archives for your review.

You learn aboard award winning sailboats – safe, exciting and ergonomically comfortable. Such as the Beneteau 361 and many Catamarans for the various courses. Special ladies-only sailing instruction weeks are held periodically throughout the year at select locations. We also offer sailing course to children 10 years of age and older with a Sailing Camp coming soon to Panama.

Panama Sailing School soon, also offers various “Theme Sailing Resorts”; such as ‘The Robins Crusoe’ theme; ‘Bali Theme’, ‘Go Native Theme’ and many more. Stay at our fantastic resorts at www.exotic-sailing.com and live life to the highest level of pleasure and excitement. You can even take the various courses and different resorts from two days to 10 days.
Live life to the fullest!

What you Learn

Nautical terminology

Rigging and sails

Getting underway

Proper winch techniques

Finding wind direction

Points of sailing

Tacking and jibing

Weather and lee helm

Crew overboard pick-up

Most used knots

Right-of-way rules

Grounding situations

Heavy weather techniques

Steering with a compass

Sailing in current

Interaction of wind and sail

Spinnaker techniques

Maneuvering in close quarters

Wind pressure and lift

Heeling and stability

Apparent wind

Wind shifts

Sailing wing and wing

Stopping and starting under sail

Introduction to navigation

Sailing backwards

Rudderless sailing

Sail trim and sail shape

Boat balance

Hull speed

Mooring and anchoring

Docking under sail

Reefing (shortening) sails


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